1. Window A/C:


Window A/C with a nominal capacity of 1.0, 1.5 and 2 ton are available. We supply these air conditioners with very cost effective prices and with the commitment of timely delivery. Available with both reciprocating and rotary type compressor which ensures high performance at very high ambient conditions for a really long time.


2. Split Units:


Split units with progressive design, economical running and revolutionary styling for residential as well as commercial application can be availed. The various types are wall mounted, ceiling and floor mounted split units that are high performing and best fit to your specific requirements.


3. Packaged Units:


Packaged AC is ideal for Air-Conditioning areas like hotels, hospitals, shops, restaurants, offices and closed control applications. The packaged unit houses the scroll compressor which portrays high efficiency and designed to meet specifically the severe climatic conditions of the Gulf.


4. Air Handling Units:


Air handling units for both indoor and outdoor installation ideally suited for schools, banks, healthcare facilities and laboratories. Both vertical and horizontal configuration can be attained. They come forth with the merits of easy installation, site handling and maintenance.


5. Fan Coil Units:


Fan coil units emerges out with the merits of service friendly, compact, light weight and quiet operation. They are very well suited for multiroom offices, hotels, schools and clinics. These units are ARI certified


6. Air Cooled Condensers:


Air cooled condensers that are highly efficient, with easy to install design and suited for outdoor installation.




Chillers to a capacity of 470TR with screw, hermetic-scroll, semihermeticand hermetic compressors. Available with R22 and R134a refrigerants. They can operate explicitly at a wide range of ambient temperature ideally suited for the climatic conditions of the Gulf.


8.Grilles, Diffusers and Louvers:


Grilles, Diffusers and louvers applications of AC and ventilation can also be availed. All are in accordance with the ASHRAE standards.
Following are the different types:

-Bar Grilles
-Door Grilles
-Egg Grate Grilles
-Ceiling Diffuser
-Linear Slot Diffuser
-Fresh Air Louver
-Sand Trap Louver
-Gravity Louver