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Engineering Consultancy

AF Fire aggressively seeks out registered professional engineers, designers, and product specialists renowned for their industry expertise. Our consultative professionals provide custom designs that offer our clients innovative, economical, scalable and installable consolidated solutions. Our extensive experience on working over a variety of technically challenging projects enable us to offer end-to-end design solutions. The main task of our engineers is to apply their engineering knowledge to the specified needs and then to optimise those solutions within the requirements and constraints set by technological, economic and environmental related considerations.

Design activity occurs over a period of time and requires a step-by-step methodology. What distinguishes our design and engineering is our Methods. A good solution requires a methodology or process that brings together technologies to meet building’s needs, protect environment and ensure safety & comfort to the occupants. After due verification and interaction, a final design is arrived at. Following this step, a final design document is prepared and provided to the client. We offers a coalesce resource for Architects and Consultants providing solutions from concept design, engineering design, estimates, detailed scheduling, engineering drawings and material specifications.


To be able to ensure reliability according to current standards and to maintain value, constant monitoring by proficient service personnel is essential. The same applies to systems that are working perfectly. By servicing on a regular basis the reliability of the installation is enhanced; by making adjustments to optimise the system, the efficiency is enhanced. Only specialists with excellent training can ensure lasting satisfaction on the part of our customers and establish enduring partnerships to ensure maximum uptime of the technical facility.

Several years worth of experience from operations, maintenance, training and documentation has gone into evolving our range of services. Our comprehensive service offerings include repairs, on-call, AMC and O&M options. They show at first glance that we have aligned ourselves with the uninterrupted daily operational requirements of our customers and their installations. We are constantly updating our service offerings and we set the standards in this industry.