Ikusi is a Spanish multinational group which supplies integrated solutions in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. It offers services, solutions, and turnkey projects for the management of information/entertainment, security, communications and operations characteristic of sectors such as airports, railways, traffic and tunnels, hospitality, administration/government, financial services and large infrastructures. It also offers systems and solutions for remote control and for the capture and distribution of TV signals in both the professional (TV operators) and residential markets.

The Ikusi brand was created in 1967, although the company´s origins date back to 1949, the year in which its founder and current President, Angel Iglesias, began his business activity, which over time would lead to the current situation of Grupo Ikusi. It now has a team made up of 1000 highly qualified professionals, as well as clients in over 80 countries, where 4% of its turnover focuses on R&D&I tasks. Besides Spain, Ikusi is present in a further 9 countries, particularly in Mexico, where its two subsidiaries, Ikusi Mexico and Micronet, which make up one third of the Group’s total staff

Ikusi is characterised for offering projects that adapt to the specific needs of each case and a full-cycle service, which includes the engineering, manufacture, integration, installation, training, commissioning and maintenance. It offers its clients an all-inclusive offer which includes the consultancy, project development and integration of systems and applications, as well outsourcing and administrated systems.

Product Range:

IKUSI can offer solutions with professional quality products in the range for MATV, SMATV, CATV, Broadband networks and Optical Fibre networks. For this we have a complete range of…

  • Antennas and Mast head pre-amplifiers
  • IF and RF Head ends – Digital and Analogue
  • Multiswitches – stand Alone & Cascadable
  • Trunk line and distribution amplifiers – One way & Two way.
  • Optical transmitters, optical splitters and receivers
  • Distribution accessories including splitters, Taps and Sockets
  • LAN (IPTV) solutions (Latest in technological development)
  • Coaxial cables..........